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In the summer of 2019 there was a weekly yoga class sponsored by the town hall on La Zenia beach. Joanna, who taught this lesson, sadly had to stop at the end of the season.

We were a few girls from the training group who would have liked to continue. So we asked Joanna if she also does private yoga classes at home. In January 2020 we started with regular yoga training in La Zenia.

There was a pause during the lockdown, but happily resumed afterwards. Yoga helps to improve the flexibility of one's own body and even keeping fit while getting older. In the course of our lives we tend to adopt a posture that is comfortable for us, but not good for our bones. And this is exactly where we have to start. In addition to stretching and building muscles, yoga also helps to maintain a calmness in everyday life, strengthen the immune system, and strengthen our own self.

In the meantime, Joanna has a location in Campoamor where she regularly gives yoga classes. You can find the exact location on our homepage.