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Ropa Cycling 


ca. 100km mit Kaffeepause


Ropa Cycling 



ca. 100km mit Kaffeepause


Ropa Cycling 



ca.100km mit Kaffeepause


Road biking in a group

These group rules are intended for all road cyclists who ride in larger groups and those in rows of two or in a closed group.

The right group pace

The pace is determined by the leading guide!

Uniformity of pace is more important than the highest possible speed - overall, you will make faster progress that way.

A good indicator that the pace is not too fast is when the riders in the group are talking to each other. For the order in the group should be considered:

Motivated, strong riders should take turns in the lead work in mutual agreement.
In the leading line, the stronger one should follow the weaker one. If the person next to you can't keep up the pace and falls behind, carefully take out the pressure (don't jerk).
"Weaker participants" should be in the front of the group (but behind the "pacesetters"), as the concertina effect is smaller there.

There should be no fighting for "placements". Riders should orient themselves to the handlebars of the person next to them.

The right distance for the perfect two-man/woman row

  • · As close as possible
  • ·As far as necessary
  • ·Slightly offset to the side (avoid frontal tire contact)
  • ·Not overlapping (avoid lateral tire contact)
  • ·Adapt the distance to the driving situation

     steady flat ride => shorter
     downhill => bigger
     unrest in the group => bigger

Speed in special driving situations

When stopping, starting and turning, the speed of the group is deliberately increased or decreased slowly to prevent the group from breaking apart. 

In Streetwaves, there is increased danger of the group falling apart. Therefore:

  • absolutely try to keep the group together.
  • Adapt the speed to the slowest riders if the group does break up, continue to roll slowly at the front and let the stragglers catch up.
  • Avoid stopping
  • Always announce or agree on changes of position in a group that is "running well" and carry them out without disturbing the group pace.
  • Only accelerate again after curves / turns when the group is closed again.

Ride smoothly

  • No sudden changes in speed, do not brake sharply.
  • Pedal as continuously as possible
  • Do not or only very carefully get out of the saddle (momentum maintenance causes bike to make a backward leap) Stand up with pressure on the pedal, if necessary indicate by hand signal (arm down, palm backwards, wave slightly upwards).

Riding side by side - "handlebars at the same height".  

  • Always orientate to the handlebars of the person next to you. This creates a "clean" line of two. This avoids unrest in the field, and you can have a good conversation.
  • Especially in the first row in the wind: the stronger one orients himself to the weaker one.

Do not leave gaps

  • We only enjoy special rights if the formation is without gaps.
  • Those who ride compactly enjoy more slipstream.
  • If the group slows down, calmly close the gaps again (neither lift your legs nor sprint towards the group - accordion).
  • Call "Complete" when the gap has been closed.
  • Close gaps only if there is also a gap in front of the rider next to you ("handlebars side by side")

If the speed is too high, call out "Shorter" at an early stage.

  • Do not "burn up" energy at the beginning of the exit.
  • Adapt your own speed to that of the group - not the other way round.

 The legal situation

  • We ride in public traffic areas and on roads that are not closed off. Therefore, the rules and the requirements of the authorities apply without restriction.
  • Every participant is responsible for his own actions and has to take responsibility for the consequences according to the legal regulations of the law.

Right of association according to StVO §27*

  • Starting from 16 persons a closed association may be formed, then 2er row may be driven. In particular, a closed row of 1 line is also a group.
  • As soon as the association is no longer closed, association rights are no longer applicable!
  • The obligation to use the bicycle lane does not apply to closed groups.
  • At traffic lights, intersections and junctions, a convoy is considered to be a single vehicle. When the head of the convoy has entered, the entire convoy may follow.
  • Many road users are unfamiliar with the rules or there is a lack of communication when driving in a convoy.

Communication when driving in a convoy

The front drivers see or hear something that the rear drivers do not perceive. Therefore, perception must be passed to the rear. Lack of communication in the group is the cause of many avoidable dangerous situations.

Therefore, we communicate in the group via:

    ▪ hand signals
    ▪ Call commands
    ▪ whistle signals

The most important hand signals:

  • Hand signals are to be passed on clearly by all.
  • Safety must not be compromised in the process
  • Whistle signals are to be given by the person driving behind with a whistle
    -- 1x short whistle: slow down
    -- 2x short whistle: stop at next opportunity. The leading guide is looking for a suitable position. 

No-gos in the group

  • Riding without helmet
  • Riding hands-free
  • Putting on and taking off clothes while riding
  • Using triathlon handlebars
  • Turning around without supporting the person next to you
  • Using headphones while riding

Grupo La Zenia

We invite everybody to our meeting place without obligation or commitment for anyone, where like-minded people can find a common cycling interest. Our group travels in different sections, so that you can choose your own speed. The aim is that nobody has to cycle through a lonely part of Orihuela Costa by themselves. Everybody is always welcome.

The main thing is that everyone finds their own group level, where they feel comfortable and can enjoy the beautiful scenery. We would also like to form our own e-bike group. So - tell anybody who could be interested in joining our group that we look for to seeing them.