In 2009 a cyclist named Helmut used to go cycling by himself on his racing bike through the scrub land of Orihuela Costa. One day he noticed that his neighbours, Uschi and Simon, also had racing bikes, so they started cycling together. It was much better than cycling alone.

One fine Thursday Uschi and Simon were playing golf when they met Manu and Walter. They soon found out that they were also racing bike enthusiasts, so they decided to cycle together, with Helmut, of course. "Grupo la Zenia" was emerging. Tuesdays , Fridays and Sundays were the most popular days. Over time other cyclists joined, so that the group gradually became larger.  

We realised that now we needed to be more organized, so we decided to design a home page which everybody could access, and tell you, for example, the date of the next event and how many drink bottles are recommended.

There are now about 50 people in our group, though the number coming on our tours is much less, because some have a second home abroad. We felt that so many people deserved a team jersey.

We are grateful to our sponsors, "La Piazza" and "Bicicosta", for providing such a nice and comfortable shirt. The group's name stands out on the jersey. At our Sunday meetings it would help if you all collected our new jersey.

Otherwise our group has only one important rule:

There is NO peer pressure.

We have a place where people with a similar interest can meet. Cyclists with the same abilities should be able to keep together. Nobody should have to cycle alone through the lonely parts of Orihuela Costa.

The aim is that everybody can find their own level with us, so that they enjoy the ride. But probably at your own risk and own risk! We only well-intentioned advice and assistance - wishing thereby to commit to anything without us or for anyone or anything to take some responsibility. We would like to form an e-bike group, for those who need a boost to get up the hills.